Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reading Consciousness

After reading at events, the altered state that fills my consciousness stays with me in the evening. There is a certain feeling that stays until the next day.

You can get an experience of what is happening when you do one reading and your mind starts spinning as the cards come out of the pack and the images set many inputs into motion, overloading and sorting, then flowing.

Hours later, that state of consciousness is still intact and operating forming a sort of aura around the reader that touches vision, imagination, perception and heightened awareness in a gentle way.

There is abundant energy that pulses through my body and the reading state of mind is still in place all through the evening.

I always affirm before I do a reading for someone that what I bring through will be useful to this person at this time. So in some way, it seems that in addition to something useful for them, something incredible happens that is useful to me as well.

This same state of consciousness is not the same as the one that comes with meditation or alcohol or smoke. It is something far different, useful because the ordinary mind processes are reconfigured.

Stuck in an awful traffic jam on the way home from the fair yesterday, the mellow feeling just kept the ordinary stress associated with such a situation at bay.

It was easy to just let my mind flow while we waited for the traffic to flow itself.

Getting into that reading state of mind is useful and, for me, desirable.

At the beginning of my learning to read, I did not know that it could lead to this. So here is another example of something that sounds simple but has profound results, and at the beginning, the process looked like what it was about was finding meanings to pictures that were constantly changing positions and evoking great varieties of meanings through the motions of shuffling and rearranging.

Yes, every picture tells a story, and every set of pictures tells a different story and every day spent interpreting these stories invokes an altered state created to serve the community of people who need or want readings, much as the shaman in primal tribes and villages invoked the altered state to read for their people who wanted or needed readings. They expected him or her to be somewhere out there in order to bring back useful information.

Sometimes healing comes through pictures when I read. Sometimes flashes of illumination. Sometimes confirmation. Sometimes insight, wisdom or humor. You never know. It all depends on the cards that come up and who is asking for the reading. It all comes into play. The asking of the question is part of answering the question.

It is still true. I go somewhere out there to bring back something for you.

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