Monday, September 13, 2010

Mirror Images

The dynamics of reading for another person are fast moving and ever changing. They shift as rapidly as the light refracting from a mirror of the facets of a gemstone.

The person requesting the reading immediately scans the images on the cards in a layout, connecting the images in ways that make sense to them.

The reader, meanwhile, being unattached to the same feelings and information, uses his intuition to pick up the connections. from among all the possible connections.

The art of the reader is to pick up the subtle energies of the seeker and follow the prompts of the spirit guides he works with, being guided to discern from among all the possible combinations of meanings, which ones are pertinent to this situation.

The seeker then may often find themselves taking the pictures apart and reassembling them to find different ways to tell their stories and different ways to extract meaning from them.

The reader, because of their neutrality, can also help spot new patterns, since they are not attached to any associations the seeker may have in mind.

So the process is really a unique way to hold up a mirror to our selves and get a fresh look at what is really happening, sometimes casting it in a whole new light.

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