Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Remembering and Forgetting

It seems as though our life is often punctuated by episodes of remembering and forgetting. It's sort of necessary, like rebooting your computer, cell phone or your wireless router every so often.

We remember the long list of things we have to do every day, but sometimes we have to reboot to remember what is important to us. An example of that? When a person loses their job and has to reinvent themselves. Sometimes we have to search our memory for what it is that we might like to do, and how we might go about creating a way of making a living with that. Sometimes it is about remembering what it really is that makes our heart sing, rather than the career path we were on.

Sometimes we forget where we left our keys or some other thing that we need, and after turning things upside down we remember and find them again.

Other times when we rediscover something we used to like to do and haven't done for a while, we remember what it was that gave us so much joy. We remember, we forget, then we remember again.

We remember the important people in our life, and sometimes we need to be reminded why they are important to us. Sometimes they remind us and sometimes we remind ourselves. If we forget, something or somebody will remind us.

Even though some people are only important in our lives for a time, remember to express gratitude for them too. Some events and people are better forgotten and some are better remembered. Yet, it is important to express gratitude for it all.

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