Friday, September 17, 2010

Visionary Persistence

A trait of all people who start their own business is persistence. It is not enough to have a vision. You have to stick with it until you either succeed or fail.

It is when you are holding on to your vision that you try everything in order to get there, even the weird ideas, because sometimes it turns out that those off the wall ideas are really inspired and they produce results.

It is far better to have a goal and find all kinds of ways to get there than to get stuck on one method and insist to the universe that that one way produce the results.

Every creative thinker and entrepreneur experiences some techniques that fail as well as those that succeed. You have to be willing to try all kinds of things in order to discover what works.

That is why persistence is a trait. We keep trying even when others have given up. It could be that the long shot, the crazy idea, their weird thing are going to be exactly what it takes to take you to the top.

Try again. And again.

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