Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrating Magic and Mystery

I have always thought that the most intriguing thing about this whole realm of metaphysical matters was the magic and mystery that are constantly unfolded before us, offering life adventures that delve straight into the heart of the unknown and exciting.

Curiosity has always driven my desire to learn. It just seemed like the next natural step when presented with something as mysterious as tarot, past lives, reiki, tantra, gardening, herbalism, aromatherapy, drumming, dancing, shamanism, witchcraft, I Ching, tai chi, runes, dowsing, mythology, ghosts, remote viewing, psychic phenomena and more. Perhaps it was not way for everyone, but when introduced to mind expanding, mysterious concepts, I wanted to know more. To me, these are endlessly fascinating topics. Once I had an experience of a thing, I was drawn into the mystery and these enlivened my life.

Metaphysical fairs are a great way to explore these topics and indulge your esoteric tastes in the company of friends, seekers and other open minded people.

I am glad to be an active participant in such events. My life has certainly taken some unexpected turns because of all this, and I am glad I did it. If you were to ask if there was anything I would like to change if I had a do over, yes, there is. I just wish I had started all this even earlier. Life is fascinating, and there are so many ways explore it. The doors to excitement and exploration are only limited by our willingness to journey on these paths.

There are so many choices, any entry point that calls to you will be a great place to start. Or if your journey has been interruped or sporadic, a place to resume your quest to get the juice out of life.

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