Thursday, September 16, 2010

Heart Centered Healing

Why is it that some healers are more effective than others? I think it has to do with how much heart a person puts into it.

Often times when a person goes to a healer, what is happening is that they can sense the open hearted attitude of the healer and simply being in their energy field begins the healing process.

The person asking for the healing can tell when the healer is really compassionate, and that begins to open them to receiving the healing energy before the healer touches them or does anything else.

The beautiful thing about reiki healing energy is that it really comes through the heart, rather than being mechanical. The reiki healer does not need to know which muscle connects to which tendon. Different kinds of healers, like massage therapists can address pain and healing in that way.

So when the reiki healer is bringing through healing energy for the person who is asking for it, it is the openness of the heart that really amplifies the flow.

And from the perspective of the person seeking healing, opening the heart can be a very big step. For some people, healing the heart is one of the things that they need even though they may be asking for it to relieve stress or alleviate some body pain. For some people, opening the heart is easier than for others. Some are reluctant to open the heart because they feel that they want to keep it closed to protect it.

Opening it is necessary to let healing energy come in. Since the heart is in the middle of the body, in the center between the three upper and three lower chakras, and so once the compassionate, loving heart energy of the healer helps to fill the heart of the person seeking healing to overflowing, their heart will pump that healing energy to whatever part of the body, mind, spirit or emotions it need to go to.

If one person opens their heart to be receptive and the other opens their heart to help facilitate the flow, the circuit is complete like the two polarities on the battery of the engine that powers your car.

In heart centered healing, love becomes magic as the two hearts help bring healing in ways that are at the same time intangible, yet readily felt.

If you have never experienced this, and you would like to, I will be happy to share this with you.

Healing is sometimes about things we ingest and things that other people do to us. Healing energy can be very subtle and very strong. We can increase the flow of it by simply breathing it in. So in a way, we are ingesting something and someone may be said to be doing something to us, but that something is with our agreement and at our request.

Heart centered healing is not exactly the same for every person. It works a little differently for each person.

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