Monday, April 9, 2012

Feeling Good

When you are radiating out feelings of joy, you are drawing more joy to you.

Picture a person who has a scowl on their face. Now picture a person who is smiling. Which one do you feel like spending time with? Most people, naturally, will choose the one who is smiling.

When you want more of something coming into your life imagine how good it will feel when you get it. That good feeling you are radiating will magnetize you to more of those good feelings.

Feelings are what people tune into. Feelings are what the universe tunes into. When you feel good, it is contagious. Ever notice how when someone starts to laugh all the people around them start to laugh?

Achieving goals is easier when we are happy. If you decide to be happy, you are presetting the signals to everyone around you that you want to draw more of that into your life.

Remember the connection between passion and creativity? People become excellent at what they really love to do. That's because they care enough to act with an eye on quality and the creativity to find ways to do things even better.

Happiness flows from all that. When you are happy with your achievements, you radiate out good feelings. When you are radiating out good feelings, people are drawn to you. When you care enough to do good things and people are picking up on your good feelings, you can't help but have happier interactions with people every day. And when you do that, you magically move along that vibrant pathway to more that will make you happy.

Feeling good leads us to be more optimistic. Optimism leads to recognizing more opportunities. Among those opportunities are ways to achieve our goals and visions.

Decide to feel good and notice what happens.

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