Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Do We Not Trust Our Intuition?

Everyone has asked themselves this question at some time or another. Including me.

When we get that gut feeling that this is our best choice yet we overrule it, the root lies in the fact that if we don't have an explanation for our choice that it cannot be our best choice.

One way of describing it might be that struggle between right brain and left brain. Funny though, our brain is not always as reliable as our feelings.

Haven't you also had that experience of overriding your gut feeling and then regretting it? Actually, isn't that always what happens after you override your gut instinct.

I have come to believe that this gut feeling is our connection to our spirit guides and ancestors who are trying to advise us, but they are just giving us a prompting, a physical sign that one thing is a confirmation and the other is a warning. Perhaps we fail to trust our first instinct because we would rather have it come to us in the form of a conversation, complete with explanations.

Then again, even when we get that, we sometimes choose to ignore everything that was presented to us, even if the presentation was factual and reasonable.

So, really, our most reliable guide is that gut feeling. Next time you have it, go with the yes. Don't override and go with the no. If you go through this experience again, take that as a confirmation that your gut feeling intuition is your connection to your spirit guides and ancestors who want to see you do well, survive and thrive.

Try it. See what happens next.

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