Thursday, April 26, 2012

Try It While You Still Have Time

For me, the death of someone I know usually prompts another jolt of reflection. We are reminded that we may have put off something we have been meaning to do, and we either resolve to get on with it or let go of it.

Bucket List in a way. But some of the things on people's bucket lists might just be one shot deals like parachute jumping.

What I have in mind are those more life altering courses changes like a person breaking out of a stagnant period in their life, going for a change in relationship, whether strengthening the ties in an existing relationship, letting an old one go, or getting into a new one.

Another big one would be to find work that you enjoy or start your own business or get additional training so that you can create new opportunities.

Some things we might want to do because the thought has been in our head repeatedly, but it never seems so urgent that we make time. The interest might be learning tai chi, writing a book, learning to dance or playing a musical instrument.

Whatever it is for you, today is a great time to move in the direction of your dreams. I am thinking of those longer term developments. All the things I have mentioned involved a consistent effort to yield results.

Whatever it is, try it while you still have time.

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