Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making Love In a Room with No Furniture

Watching a movie featuring two lovers in a hot relationship, there were these tweaks and memories of times when I have experienced that, when the excitement was so fresh that we could make love in a room with no furniture and not even notice that there was no furniture.

These were the times of poetry, when there was magic in the smallest touch, the softest word. Music stimulated our taste for each other again and we danced in the living room, just the two of us. We danced and we danced until we found ourselves in the bedroom again.

We went out in the field and picked wildflowers to bring home for our altar to our time together, an altar to the intertwining of our energies, on which we burned fragrant incense and candles, and refreshed each other from a bowl of berries and orange wedges.

Special memories surface when our spirit seems to call for them. Crystal clear moments that stand out from the rest. From the whole span of a relationship, sometimes it is only the moments like this that we remember years later. The excitement and the passion ignite our taste for life. In those moments we welcome the joy and the sweetness back into our life. It is so powerful that even it's recall can summon the magic back in for moment, for a while.

When you didn't even notice that there was no bed in the bedroom was the first time you were truly present.

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