Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feeling Your Vision

It is quite normal for a person to change their vision as they grow.

We have all had that experience of being a little kid and having an adult ask "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I still hear parents ask little kids that same question.

Of course the answer the kid gives is often whatever happens to come off the top of their head at the moment. The next day, you might get a different answer.

You can't really expect a long term vision before a person has a chance to have some life experience. Only a handful of people are so focused that the same thing that they named as a kid is still their goal as an adult.

Then as an adult what happens? We may work in one job or one career for a while, then we move on to something else. These days the move is often prompted by layoffs or changes in an industry or a corporate takeover. Other times, however, a person simply has a burning desire to do something different and start a business or make a career change because they want a real connection between doing what they enjoy and doing what pays.

When you are visualizing yourself in that new job, can you really feel how it feels to be there and enjoying it?

If your dream is to be a great author, can you feel how it feels to be a great author, know what it feels like be be famous, be interviewed, have your book on the bestseller list?

If your dream is to live in a certain kind of house, can you feel what it might feel like to live in that house? Can you not only see yourself, but feel yourself living in that house, swimming in that pool, and having a drink on the deck?

Whatever your dream is, the more you feel it, the more you activate the principle of like attracts like, the law of attraction.

Feelings are important because you will draw to your to yourself other people who share those feelings. We like to associate with others who share our values. Those who share our values will likely share our feelings about certain things.

Every day when we get up, we can choose to feel good or feel bad. We choose our attitude. If we choose to be happy even before we achieve all our goals, we can only get happier as we progress toward those goals.

When we choose to feel good each day, we draw ourselves closer to our goals. Try it.

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