Saturday, April 7, 2012


One of the secrets behind making the Law of Attraction work for you is intensity.

Many times when we are picturing what we want in life, we take the attitude of "wouldn't that be nice?" But that attitude is not strong enough for us to muster our true creative energies.

When we really want something to happen, we find ways to create that reality in our life. The mystical, magical part that we do not always know is how that will happen. Often times we fail to make the connection between the intensity with which we hold on to the vision while doing what we have to do. So on those occasions where our vision becomes a reality and it is not a result of a direct action we took or it seems to have come about without our direct involvement, it looks mysterious.

However, we had just as much of a hand in that mysterious development as we do in a simple cause and effect, action and reaction sequence.

Consider this example of how we activate our true potential. When you are doing work that you don't really care about, you remain at a level of simply being competent with it, just doing ok. Nothing special. Do this, do that, log in, log out, get paid and hope everything just stays the same so that you can keep getting your paycheck. That is one level of reality and productivity.

Now consider another. When you are doing work that you really love doing, you think of ways to do it better. Your creativity is open and working. You have joy in your life and there are constant improvements, from little tweaks to big breakthroughs. The dedication and intensity are what open the channels for creativity to blossom. A person who is working with this energy and intensity does not think about just getting by, they are focusing on being excellent. Time passes swiftly for a person who is focused and enjoying what they are doing.

When can take that same concept beyond simply our interactions with activities that we do for money. The same holds true of what we might consider hobbies or activities we simply enjoy doing. We have all seen examples of people who have created beautiful items from odd scraps of wood, or people who have created beautiful jewelry, just for fun. Or those who play a musical instrument sweetly, just because they enjoy it and fully engage themselves in the process.

Or those who are wonderful dance partners simply because when they go out to dance, that is the focus of their energy. When dancing they are not thinking about anything else, they are simply present with the music and the other dancers, simply doing this dance, and they seem to float effortlessly across the dance floor.

So consider the factor of intensity. If you have no intensity invested in your vision, it may be time to change your vision. If your current vision of your future is simply expressed with "its ok with me if it happens, and its ok with me if it doesn't," change it to a vision that you really, really, really want to see come true. Notice what happens when you make that change.

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