Friday, April 20, 2012

Smoking OPs

I was listening to some old blues this morning and suddenly this old phrase just popped into my head, "smoking OPs." I haven't heard this phrase in a long time. This is something we used to say way back when me and my friends used to smoke cigarettes. When somebody else was out of cigarettes and they would ask if they could have one of yours, you would say that they were "smoking OPs." OP meant other peoples. Some people always just seemed to have run out and always wanted to "borrow" one of yours. Some people were chronically smoking OPs. In fact when someone was always mooching, it was said that their favorite brand was OP.

Well it has been a great many years since I quit smoking cigarettes and most of my friends don't smoke any more either.

So maybe the phrase popped into mind because these days there are lots of different common expressions as well as different ways of doing things.

Today there are quite a number of people who have become enamored of the idea that they are great manifestors because they got something they wanted by simply asking someone else for it. So the other person who was giving it may have done so out of pure and simple generosity. But sometimes the receivers delude themselves into thinking that they are capable of great magic and ability to manifest because their friend responded.

A lot of this is due to the plethora of popular books and workshops promising that you can have anything you want just by wishing for it. Quite a seductive thought of course. No work is required on your part according to this line of thinking. All you have to do is keep thinking about what you want and you will have it. Of course, this is flawed thinking. You must take positive, decisive actions if you want your life to change.

Otherwise, you are not really manifesting, you are just smoking OPs.

Back then, the language was more honest. You both knew that the person borrowing the cigarette was really just asking for one out of your pack. However, today's delusionals might say that they "manifested" a cigarette, as if they performed some enormous triumph.

But we know what is really happening, don't we? Sometimes we just have to humor them when they are someone we know and like. We know that no matter what they say, they are still smoking OPs.

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