Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ancient Signs of Positive Thinking

You might say that the "power of positive thinking" is much older than we think. The runes are a system developed by ancient people that focus our intention and mental energy in order to achieve a goal.

We may have pictured that the human mind evolved slowly over time to the point where we are much more intelligent now than our caveman ancestors. But is this true?

Many people have speculated that the cave paintings were examples of hunting magic. In other words, people visualized a successful hunt before they actually went on the hunt.

The runes are a whole set of symbols that serve similar purposes. When a person would draw one of these signs or picture it in their mind, they were applying their thoughts and energies to the concepts represented by the signs, whether it was for health, safety, prosperity or anything else.

People knew even back then that the seeds of what they wanted in their life began with focusing their thoughts and energies on their stated purpose. And then taking action.

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