Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Long Arc of Progress

Once upon a time, I thought that there would come a time when I would know enough. At one time that looked like after I got a college degree. At another time it looked like after I completed a personal growth workshop. Then another thing, then another thing, then another thing, until I finally learned that there is never an end to learning and sharpening our aim. We achieve one goal and then set another goal. We hit one target and then aim for another target. This is the long arc of progress.

From my current perspective, rather than one long story, I view my life as a series of chapters or short stories. Measuring by career moves or relationships might be one way of organizing the chapters.

Just like there were times when I thought that I would know enough when I finished a certain aspect of my education, there are always more things that I want to learn. In career moves, I set goals for myself, then after achieving them, went on to other goals.

We are never done with any of it. We just move from chapter to chapter, story to story and continue to learn and grow. We set our sights on new goals and move toward them. And then another story begins.

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