Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Is Underground?

What is underground? There are different kinds of underground. Think of a seed germinating in the dark, rich soil, invisible to those of us looking from up above. Invisible to us, the seed begins to crack its shell, putting out little strands of life that reach into the soil to pull nutrients and moisture in. When it gets strong enough, it pushes a tendril up above ground and then we know there is a larger movement coming, a full grown plant will be there as long as we take care of it. It is the darkness that nurtures life.

There is darkness when we are in the womb. That is until we sprout and learn to see and move. There seems to be darkness in outer space, that is, until we learn to see out there too. There is darkness in deep water, until we learn to see there.

Have you ever heard of something that was an underground hit? An underground novel, an underground band, an underground movement?

Underground refers to a rich current that is invisible in mainstream culture. The darkness nurtures us until we are ready to grow. Our creative instincts, our feelings, our intellect, all are dark, until we learn how to see. It is always there. It nurtures us. It is invisible, until it is ready to be seen.

There are thoughts that swim through the currents of of the unconscious. These are underground from our every day reality. They come up in glimpses when we are dreaming. Dreams are like the dolphins, whales other sea creatures who breach the surface momentarily and then slip beneath the surface once again. Even though we may only get a partial view of it, we know that there are things there. Divers don oxygen tanks to explore the oceans. Dreamers decipher code to unwrap dreams.

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