Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Surfing the Web Astral Travel?

The world today looks so different from the world of not so long ago, that it is almost as if a time warp drew us through.

Astral travel? Think about the jarring effect of visiting another country for a week or two or even a nice island getaway for a long weekend, and then returning to work.

Think about people we have corresponded with on the internet and we have never met them. There are people we do business with whom we never meet in person. We simply have an email exchange with them.

If we know people only through websites and email, is that a form of astral travel? Is certainly isn't real time travel.

We can post web pages and blogs somewhere out there and everyone in the world can see them, but they reside somewhere other than on our computer.

We can access pages people created in another country on the other side of the globe just as easily as we can visit a page or an email from a friend in the same city or town. We think we can see them, but all we are really seeing is an image.

Is surfing the web a form of astral travel?

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