Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spirit Dancing

My experience with dance is that it is a superior method for uplifting a person's moods and creating an altered state of ecstasy and awareness.

For me, this works a lot faster and better than any of those meditation traditions where you just sit down and be quiet for hours.

Music and movement can change my state of awareness in a minute. Dancing with people fosters a sense of connectedness, because whether it is swing dance, contra dance, freestyle movement or something else, the rhythms of everyone are drawn together. It also inspires spontaneous creativity and joy.

Plus, you get the obvious benefits of aerobic exercise and burning off calories. Way more fun than just doing reps on a weight machine. And like other forms of exercise, the flow of blood and oxygen also stimulates fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Every time I go out for a walk, go swimming or go out dancing, I always find that mind becomes more alert and new ideas flow to me.

If spirituality is about sensing our connection to other people, and with spirit, what better demonstration than dancing with a partner?

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