Saturday, March 14, 2009

Inner and Outer Beauty

Have you noticed how inner beauty radiates out from a person, increasing their attractiveness? Look at how a smile transforms a face. Why is that? Because we can see the spirit manifesting in the person, so their inner joy and enthusiasm for life becomes a glowing outer garment.

So many people focus on the outer appearance, thinking that the secret to beauty is all about making wrinkles disappear or something. Yet, if a person lives in a way that celebrates life, finds reasons to express joy, finds enthusiasm and a zest for life in even every day actions, like taking a walk, making love, tending a garden or singing a song, youth will return to their face and their whole body.

After all, what is youth? What is that quality that children have? Isn't it that curiosity about life, that sense of wonder? Isn't it about experimentation? Why should we lose that simply because we are older now, and have gone to school and gone to work?

Who says that we can't get up every day and marvel at the simple things or go and have fun checking out the farmers market or a bookstore? Why not just go check out some festival that is going on, no matter whether it is large or small? Or even check out yard sales, just as an easy going way to get around the neighborhood and meet people?

When a person loves life, they are infused with a sense of joy and wonder and take it for granted that there is something interesting going on every day.

A person who acts as if this is true will find that they attract pleasant responses from all their interactions, both with friends and strangers. And everyone will be remembering that attractive person they met this morning or this afternoon.

Beauty that comes from within will never disappear. Beauty that comes strictly from doing things to the outside will constantly need to be redone. Go within, and bring the beauty out. Some people will spend a hundred dollars for a face cream, but others get the same result with a smile. And the smile works even better and can be replenished without going to the store.

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