Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flashes of Insight or Moments of Inspiration

When we get a flash of insight or inspiration, where is that coming from? What opens the gateway to a fresh blast of ideas or perspectives?

How do we get tapped in better so that we can have more of those inspired moments? Seems to me the part of the secret to these flashes of inspiration come from relaxation. I have noticed that sometimes when I am walking, tending my garden, playing music, dancing or doing something simple like that is when fresh insights or inspirations come.

Sometimes when we focus on something too hard we do not see all our options and ways of getting to our goal, so looking away from the problem for a moment lets our vision refresh.

Have your eyes ever gotten tired from sitting in front of the computer for hours? Get away from your desk and go outside. Focus on the horizon. Look at the clouds, landscape, birds in flight, anything to shift your focus to the far distance. Feel how refreshing that is? Does everything come back into focus a little better now?

Sometimes it is more than relaxation that works. Sometimes you just have to accept that you do not know everything and affirm that you are open to new answers, new perspectives, new insights.

Another tactic that might work wonders for you is to simply draw a card a day from whatever deck you like to work with. If you feel like drawing more than one card, go ahead. The idea is that the randomness of the act compels out mind to think outside the square.

There is one other factor which we should notice. Practice. Practice? If you ever read or hear interviews with people who are great at what they do, no matter whether they are athletes, musicians, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, healers, readers, psychics, whatever, you find a common thread. All of these people spent a lot of time practicing their chosen skill in order to learn how to do what they do excellently. The practice is what leads to excellence. In the midst of the practice, something "just comes to them" and there is the hit song, the popular book, the trademark physical form that scores points, the invention that revolutionizes a product line and all the rest. There is an altered state we get to when we practice.

How many ways are there to break through?

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