Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Will

Whenever I read for anyone, I always remind them about the importance of free will. A reader can read the patterns of energy that are moving around you and influencing you, but ultimately, whatever you do is your choice.

Things may be offered to us, but whether or not we accept them is simply a matter of free will. Each time we use our free will to make a choice, we influence the flow of energy around us. All of our small choices point to larger directions.

We can exert our will in a very overt fashion, that is to say, we insist that we want something to happen in a particular way at a particular time. Everyone can easily recognize that.

Yet, just as powerful although more subtle, are the little choices we make every day. For example, the music we choose to listen to, the books we choose to read, the friends we keep in touch with, all influence the flow of energy in our daily life.

How many times have your thoughts returned to the idea of something you would like to have happen in your life? You may think of it as a passing fancy, but every time you bring it up again, you reinforce it.

Free will harnesses mental energy to support our wishes and desires. Free will is the predecessor to taking action and making things work. When we only daydream about something, it is simply fantasy or wishful thinking, but when we put the force of will behind it, these can become our realities.

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