Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lost People

Ironically, for as connected as the whole world seems to be with the internet, air travel, cell phones, TV, radio and everything else, as strange as it may seem, every so often there is a news report about some lost tribe that an adventurer has come into contact with.

In some ways it seems startling that there might be people in the world we don't know about yet.

How many of us are lost people? We are here, but unknown. Unseen. There are some places in the world far off the beaten path, high in the mountains, deep in the jungles or way out in the desert where other people don't go often. And those people we call lost are simply left alone.

There are those of us here among many others who are also left alone. There are also those here among many others who live invisible lives because we are not the rich, the famous, the celebrities, the stars. We just live our lives every day and as far as all those public spotlights go, we may be invisible.

But that does not mean that these lives outside of the spotlights are boring. No, indeed not. That does not mean we do not enjoy our excitements, adventures and joys. It is simply that the rest of the world is not watching us. But we are here, enjoying private moments in public.

Although there may be tribes in the Amazonian jungle that have lived without contact with other people for a long time, there are also people here who have lived without contact with other people for a long time. Are they lost too?

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