Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Pleasure of Public Readings

One of the aspects of doing public readings in psychic fairs and special events is meeting people who have never had a reading before who are amazed at the whole process.

I remember how it was when I started. I was wondering how shuffling a deck of cards and pulling several at random could have anything to do with the questions, problems or ideas on my mind at that moment. Yet, more times than not, they did. In fact almost all the time I could find the connection between what was on my mind and the advice the cards were offering.

For a long time after I first got my cards I was amazed at how they worked. Finally one day the realization sunk in that there must be some spirit guides or somebody who wants to help me find my way through dilemmas and the cards were the vehicles for communicating information to me in signs I could understand. Granted, there were plenty of times when I had to study it for a while to get my answer, but I did.

The look of amazement on a person's face who is new to all this is quite a wonderful moment. Public events are perfect for this when a person is open to discovery. After they have wandered around the room and tried a free sample of some organic food or chocolate or a massage or some other form of body work or energy work, they look my way and say hhmmmm, let me try the card thing to see how it works. Looking at their face light up with recognition and wonder is one of the joys of working public events. Young people especially. Good to see them get familiar with it while they still have many more years ahead of them and time to make use of the tarot.

For many of us, this ability we cultivated in private took some courage to take out in public and demonstrate. Sharing he joy of discovery with strangers who are genuinely interested is one of the pleasures of doing public readings.

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