Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Many Roads, Many Interpretations

Have you ever had an experience in your life when you found yourself thinking that it would be wonderful if you could do a certain thing but felt blocked from getting there? But when you look at the possibilities, you see your way is blocked. So you let go, and then one day, you find another way to get there.

Sometimes the greatest power can be found in letting go and not trying to make a thing happen. Perhaps there was a type of job you wished you had and you didn't know how to get it or there was something blocking your way from getting it. So you set it aside and let go of that idea because it seemed like continuing along that same path would produce nothing but frustration.

Then at a later date, a path opens up. Why did it open? Perhaps because relaxing your efforts allows the energy to flow and you are able to make the right connections, then all of a sudden the way becomes much smoother.

Letting go lets the energy come to us. It is magnetized and flows along the path of least resistance. And that is how we can find ourselves at one point in time thinking about being in a different place in life, and at another point in time, being there.

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