Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heart Breathing

As I watch for omens that will bring more possibilities for making this career transition, I am focusing my breathing through my heart. A simple method. Just as I breathe deeply, I imagine drawing breath in and out that way, just relaxing it, so that I can be more observant.

Keeping the intention circulating that I affirm that I do work that I love and make money this way. I affirm that what I have to offer is valuable to others. I let go of whatever tension is there.

My heart is beating smoothly, and it is full of good feelings, and doors are opening, with each breath. New possibilities become visible, with each breath. I am confident, creative and looking forward to finding solutions that work so that I can make a successful career transition.

I am still booking events, still extending my energies, and networking with others. I am still doing my work, organizing my schedule and inventory. All of that.

The stress melts away when I breathe through my heat. I know that the changes will come, the openings will present themselves, the opportunities will appear. And I breathe through my heart to dissolve stress and affirm that there is heart in my work, and that there is courage in the next step.

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