Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moons for Expansion

We are now in the three day window for celebrating the full moon known as the Storm Moon, which was named for the fitful way that winter begins its transition into spring. The month of February we are wrapping up tomorrow is a perfect example of this, weather whipping back and forth from sunny and clear and 50 to snow, ice and 8 degrees and back again a couple of times.

The energy is making the shift from one season to the next as it always does, but rarely does it simply make the transition in one smooth move. That which has been hibernating, cold and frozen is beginning to feel restless and moves to shake it off. And it will have to try this a few times more before rolling over into spring.

There may have been waves of change we have been feeling and now we may be embracing the changes to come and looking for ways to implement them.

Remember the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland? The Hare Moon doesn't follow just yet, but that fertility energy is all over the place. Enthusiastic and creative, rebounding from winter, picture what would happen if we take the restless energy of this moon and use it to create the next phase of our life.

Rabbits are known for their ravenous appetites, which produces numerous offspring. One of the habits of the mother rabbit is to place her litter in a bunch of different nests so that if a predator finds one them, they do not find all of them at the same time, thereby providing a way to assure that at least some of the offspring to survive.

How is it with your dreams of success, growth or career change? Have you put all your eggs in one basket, or have you sowed seeds in several places to see which ones will grow best? Have you sensed that the career path you have been on has run its course and that it is time for a change? Have you tried more than one way to realize your dreams? Have you even investigated the possibilities for creating your new future off the beaten path?

Spring Equinox, or Easter, which is really an old name for the fertility goddess known by the variant names of Ostara, Estara, or Ishtar, herald the awakening of our spring fertility and growth periods. No wonder that the rabbits have maintained their place in those Easter baskets, along with eggs, the symbol of fertility.

In the national cathedral of Brazil, in Brasilia, over the huge crucifix hanging from the ceiling, is a large stained glass window, in the shape of an egg. I asked the tour guide what that egg was doing there. She replied that it was there because it was the symbol of birth and rebirth.

Even the vegetarians can be happy with the chocolate eggs and rabbits, which still have the ancient symbols of fertility in one of the world's favorite flavors, which comes from a plant.

When you celebrate this Storm Moon, focus on harnessing the great awakening energies to nurture your dreams into realities, using this expansive energy to change your world and welcome in the arrival of the new season of your life.

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