Monday, February 1, 2010

Hail Spring Fever!

The idea of spring cleaning goes back to the ancient Romans. February was time for purification and cleansing. Time to clear out the clutter and debris and get ready for the new growth in spring, which naturally leads to the spring fertility rituals.

Centuries before there was a Valentine's Day, there was a Lupercalia, a very popular festival celebrated at mid February, featuring the return of the Horny Old Goat. Did he ever really go away?

It was a very bawdy, primal festival featuring lusty play and fetish toys such as little whips that were used to arouse erotic energies.

Yes, it was a randy celebration of the rites of spring that makes all the giving of greeting cards, chocolates and roses boring by comparison.

In short,the ancients cleared the way for a vigorous rebound of energy to shake off the lethargy that resulted from all the overabundance of food and drink during the Yule holidays, leaping into the new year with a wink and some lip-smacking lust.

Hail Spring Fever!

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