Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Primal Multi-tasking

It is interesting how we multi-task all day because there are so many things to do, and we have to pay attention to several things going on at once. Yet, when nature shifts her energies, it is easy to observe how we feel the surges of energy that come with spring, the anticipation of longer days and warming weather can stir us and shift our attention.

It is like the full moon nights, when people just feel like being still and gazing at her for a while. She calls to us, no matter what else we are doing. Our primal instinct draws our attention to the full moon because we have been watching the movements of the moon and the seasons ever since caveman days.

Although most of us have shifted our attention from being farmers or hunter/gatherers, when paying close attention to these things meant life or death to ways of earning a living that are disconnected from the natural cycles of things. Ye we still feel called to it, and that is why winter draws us in and spring brings us out. And the moon stirs our souls.

No matter how hi-tech we get and how much we multi-task, our primal instincts will always beckon, and nature always gives us the energy we need, whether we know enough to ask for it or not.

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