Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day Jobs & Day Dreams

Like many other people, I have a day job while I build up my own business. For the second time in 14 months, I am getting a pay cut on my day job. And for the second time in a year, the job I have been doing is being sent to India. Obviously the corporate strategy is to pay their American workers as little as possible, and when you cannot squish the wages down any further, export the jobs to third world countries.

These corporate thieves and liars promised me a certain number of dollars to do this job when they hired me, then after I was here doing the job, they simply sent out an email one day announcing that they were reducing our pay. They pulled that crap while the banking fiasco was going on, and said that the pay cuts were necessary "Due to the current economic crisis." Of course, that was a lie. That was a convenient cover for the company to steal from the employees. "The current economic crisis" did not stop the execs from rewarding themselves.

Today, they informed me that my pay would be cut again, because they just don't want to pay what they had previously agreed to pay me after the last pay cut. They have customers and they are renewing their contracts.

The management attitude is that they don't care if some of us quit because there are plenty of unemployed people to take our place.

It is the greed of the corporations that has made it more difficult to find jobs in the US that pay well. The corporation I work for is now the largest employer in India and they sold off their manufacturing division to a company in China.

I find it interesting to observe that people like the tea baggers are venting their frustrations at the government, but not expressing their dismay about the conduct of corporations.

Yes, there were negative feelings expressed about the banking fiasco. But what about other corporate bad behavior? In order for our economy to grow, we need to outgrow these greedy execs and this corporate conduct that rewards duplicity and mean spiritedness. How are you going to grow the economy if you keep trying to pay employees as little as you can get away with?

It is good to have this safe space to vent. I am reminding myself that this is only my day job and my goal is to grow my own business.

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