Saturday, February 20, 2010

Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Words are powerful. Thoughts are powerful. They have the power to shape our reality. That is why we have to be careful of self fulfilling prophecies.

Right now, for example, there are people who keep on repeating a mantra that goes like this: the economy sucks, and that is keeping me from doing good business. Then everywhere we look we find confirmation that the economy sucks.

What if we started repeating a mantra that the world is full of opportunities and some of them are just right for us? Soon we might start finding opportunities.

If you read my blog, you know that I am as aware as anyone that there are things going on in our world that are not good. I have also had my turns being unemployed, being without insurance, losing money and being broke. At the same time, I keep on actively doing things to improve my situation. And I have never lost my zest for life.

Back when all the gloom and doom people were getting plenty of air time, I maintained that it was all bullshit. What happened? We all lived through it. And all those people who were expecting the world to end, well they got to cuddle up with their canned good and ammunition while I was out dancing.

Now some of the nervous and jerky ones are fixated on 2012. Bullshit alert! The world is not going to end then either. Some people just want to keep justifying their huge investments in Armageddon. Some people are always scanning the horizon for the next catastophe, and they always manage to find one, although they are kind of like those end times preachers who have to keep resetting their end time calendars every time their prediction is wrong. You would think that after a few of those snafus that they would lose their followers, but hey, I remember when one of those famous preachers went to prison for fraud, and there were still people sending him money, even while he was in prison. Oh, well. Guess they could not find another story they liked better.

I think it is perfectly sensible to keep some food on hand to get you through an emergency, but some of the Y2K babblers bought thousands of cans and thousands of rounds of ammunition, night vision goggles, hand cranked radios and their own generators. I wonder how they were going to get fuel for those generators if the whole world went to hell in a hand basket? Details, details.

Back to more practical things.

Connecting with other people is going to be our lifeline, not the stuff we have squirreled away in our hidey holes. That's one of the funny things about squirrels. They keep on burying nuts and things to eat later, but they keep on forgetting where they buried them. That's why they are such busy little boogers.

The more people we connect with, the greater our possibility to increase our opportunities.

Whatever is on your mind, check what is on your lips. If you believe that there is not enough money for you in the world, or not enough love, you will be right. If you believe that there is enough money for you in the world, or enough love, you will be right.

I heard someone else say it a good way. Where is the money I need going to come from? From wherever it is now.

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