Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Needs a Reading?

Nobody has to have a reading, but many people may choose to have one. Why?

A good reader will present the information to the person asking in a way that they can understand. As a reader, I see the patterns of energy moving with and around this person. I always emphasize to people that it is their own free will that chooses actions. I can be helpful by pointing out some of their choices.

I think that people seek answers from readers because they do feel that there are forces in the universe which influence their life. They often find our help useful in deciphering their life lessons and making use of the information presented by energies and recognizing opportunities.

Sometimes we readers simply confirm what a person already is doing, and that can be a powerful experience when a total stranger doing a reading lets you know that the choices you have made or are making are on the right track.

Other times, we help people recognize options they didn't know they had. The vast majority of the time, I do not personally know the person I am reading for, and so what I say is impartial. In other words, simply presenting information which the person will consider and then can use when they exercise their free will in deciding to do or not do something.

One thing I always do, is before I do any readings, I affirm that I am working with my spirit guides and that they will help me bring through something that would be useful for this person to know at this time.

That is why what I say may or may not be a literal interpretation of the pictures on the cards. Spirit guides may be prompting me to relay a message to you. I know that is an aspect that is sometimes puzzling to people because sometimes the pictures tell a story and sometimes the pictures simply open the way for guidance and insight.

The most commonly asked questions are always about love, relationships, family, friendships, spirit, career, business and money.

People have more questions when they are at a crossroads in one of these areas. Certainly a reader is just one option available to a person facing important decisions, and I always remind people that getting professional advice from others is important. Look at it this way. A reading is one more insight into your changes coming up. Use this information in combination with input from other sources and this could either add a new perspective to the mix or reinforce what else you are finding out in other ways.

The fact that readings are spirit driven rather than simply analyzing data is why sometimes a person may say at the time of the reading that what I am telling them does not seem to be in the picture or that it seems unlikely. Yet, I often get a call or an email at a later date confirming that in fact, that unlikely thing did develop and now the reading makes sense.

Sometimes a reading will sensitize the reader to possibilities they were not aware of, and this could encourage a person to take action, bringing efforts to fruition faster.

So, no one needs to have a reading. However, choosing input from outside the square can yield benefits and useful insights. It's your choice.

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