Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tarot Healing

How can a tarot reading be healing? I know this is a different thought for a lot of people, since many people think of card readings as simply fortune telling.

One. Notice how the reading will often indicate something that the querant needs to do before changes can take place that will stimulate the flow of healing energies. If a person takes these suggestions to heart, the reading forms a blueprint for action.

Two. Before I do any reading, I always affirm that I will work with my spirit guides to bring through something that will be useful for this person at this time.

Three, as a Reiki Master, I move the energy through the reading, using the card images as a vehicle to direct the healing energy to the area of their life where they need it.

In my readings, I am not only looking at the energies approaching and the energies at work, but also the energies the person can embrace and activate to open the way for beneficial results.

When we utilize the magnificent capabilities of the imagery built into the tarot decks by the designers, it becomes a powerful tool for self teaching and self healing, reaching far beyond the original parameters of game playing and fortune telling.

If you would like to experience this, I will be happy to show you how it works.

The more I see of the beautiful new decks that so many innovative, creative people are making, it is obvious to me that there is more power and potential to be tapped into as we make the best use of our tools. The creators of many decks have put a lot of intentional thought and energy into creating more than just pretty pictures. These are personal art galleries that double as life tools.

Worth exploring, don't you think? Feel the energy when you pick a card?

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robert d said...

Have you made your own deck? You are really not doing Tarot if you haven't. Wow! I promised I would never tell and now I have. Wonder what happens next.

I read a few of your posts.

I really liked this quote - "When you start to shoot with your lunch money, the pockets start to move."

Life is good,