Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beginning Gently

A little quiet time each day opens the way for new ideas to germinate. Start with as little as 15 minutes in the morning before you get going and dig into the business of the day. And it does not have to be complicated or rigid. Some people cannot embrace the idea of meditation because they think it must mean that you have to sit in a lotus position and stare at a mandala or statue or OM for hours. But more casual methods can produce the same benefits.

You can just sit in your favorite chair with a cup of coffee, tea or water, and have a notebook and pen handy. Take time to just listen and be open, to be reflective, to recall pieces of dreams, capture random thoughts, jot down new ideas.

If you just do this for a few minutes each morning before washing, preparing food, turning on the radio or TV or rushing out into traffic, you will be rewarded with fresh ideas, new insights, perspectives, gratitude and clarity.

The idea is to take time for yourself to let your body relax in a personal ritual that provides a respite from a day of traffic and multi-tasking. What you are doing is becoming open to receiving.

Some days to refresh your spirit, you can just relax with lighting a candle and perhaps playing some soft music, enjoying a few quiet moments before going to bed, still with your notebook and pen handy, ready to receive gifts from spirit.

If you need help slowing down, alternate your exercise with sitting in your favorite chair with a book of photos, art, poetry or a book that offers a thought or meditation for you to ponder, and just let your mind wander. For myself, I like using a tarot deck for this same purpose. Just pull a card for the day. Or perhaps a simple reading.

When the weather permits, perhaps there is a place outside you enjoy sitting.

Taking a simple time out every day yields many benefits, opening the way to greater creativity, cultivating connections to spirit, and a moment of peacefulness and tranquility to center yourself. I have found great benefits from this little bit of quiet time every day before getting busy. I think that if you try it, you will too.

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