Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Energies

February is a mood swing kind of month. We go from warm and sunny back to snow and ice, a couple of times. The days are getting longer, but also colder, so there is a constant adjustment.

Some of us may be working on taxes now, planning and getting bookings ahead for the year, so it is a month to really lay the groundwork to make things happen.

Energies may be back and forth like the weather right now. Notice it. This is where we put things in motion.

Right now the Olympics are on, and some people are watching every day while others of us have not watched any of it, and have no idea who is winning.

It is ironic, isn't it?

Every four years, we get people together from all over the world to gather peacefully and joyfully to enjoy watching the best young athletes demonstrate their skills.

The irony is this. Every four years we can get this peaceful gathering. In between then, we still have wars. Yes, I know I am idealistic for even suggesting this thought. Imagine a world with more peace than war, instead of more war than peace.

The days are visibly longer now and it will be warm again. We have done some spring cleaning and celebrated the red, sexy holidays.

Dreams come easier and more frequently with candles, and we can dream of all kinds of things right now. Nights are still long and cold, and candles prepare the way for dreams and soft sleep.

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