Friday, February 26, 2010


To get to there from here, sometimes we have to let our mind walk out in front of us. If we can just let go and relax, our mind can travel and bring us back information, impressions, imprints for the future.

I find that tarot cards work very well for this. So does drumming, dancing, taking walks. Simply engage yourself in one of these activities until your consciousness is free to wander.

Pull cards and make a spread, or keep pulling cards until you something clicks and you find that one image or a cluster of images sets your mind off traveling. The journey takes on a life of its own and does not need to be directed.

With drumming, just find a rhythm that feels right and keep going with it. The rhythms will create passageways to other realms.

If you dance for a half hour, your body will lead your mind out of whatever it is stuck in. It is best to use instrumental music because lyrics could set your direction, and you want the freedom to let the movement shape your journey.

Walking also works well. After a while, the physical motion is automatic and as you simply notice different things in your surroundings, your mind will wander in different ways than your body.

Why use trance? It can carry you to places that you will not get to simply by thinking about them. Trance can make you aware of things on a different level. There are certain realms that you have to be relaxed to enter.

Use trance for transportation, and you will be moved on many levels. These will heighten your ability to pick up psychic impressions and bring you a peaceful feeling. Trance has the ability to be both stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

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