Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pattern Recognition #3 - Cameras Everywhere

Does it really make us safer to have cameras everywhere?

How many people today have embraced having cameras absolutely everywhere in the name of security? How did we get there? Maybe from watching too many crime shows or too many news reports that focused on crimes that made it sound like we are all likely to be victims.

What if we simply refused to consume that sort of content and refused to carry the mindset that we are all likely to be victims of violent crimes?

What if we focused instead on a future in which people got along better, we powered our homes, businesses and transportation with renewable resources? What if we kept imagining a future where we found solutions to diseases and creative solutions to producing good quality food for everyone.

Is the world free of violent crime because we have cameras everywhere? Of course not. Do we feel like our privacy is constantly being invaded? Yes.

So forget the security cameras that do not really provide security. Try imagining a future where people act out of love. Do what we need to do to create a better future. Security really comes from getting along with people, not from having cameras everywhere. We have been investing in the wrong kinds of stuff.

That is why our present at times looks more like a scary science fiction novel than a gateway to a briliant new future where we can use our imagination to solve problems. Along the way we also need to quit following those people who try and entice us to follow false stories and obsessing over stories of crimes and criminals as both news and entertainment.

Imagine a different world. It is always about the difference between love and fear.

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