Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grounding & Centering

People often ask for a good, simple way to ground and center their energy every day. Here is a method that you can use to start your day and recharge yourself any time you feel a need for it.

Picture yourself surrounded by a cocoon of light. Reach over your head, around you and behind you, and gather it in to your lower belly, the place where your hands will normally come to rest.

Breathe in deeply and imagine that any negativity, stress, worry, or anxiety is sent back into mother earth for recycling. Then redeploy the cocoon around you again, fully cleansed and recharged. Picture that it works as a shield for you all day.

Only good things penetrate this field. Negative things bounce off. Feel confident that this shield works. You know that it is connected to your vital essence, and your center of gravity. This energetic form of protection can help you out constantly.

Take charge of positioning yourself for positive interactions, and get your day off to a good start.

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