Monday, September 29, 2008

Renovated Neighborhoods

For exercise, walking in the older neighborhoods is really invigorating. It seems to me that I can feel the energy in the old neighborhoods that have been renovated recently.

I like it that there are so many old trees and shrubs and the way many people have really creative gardens that combine stonework and whimsical touches like statues, fountains, and antiques in the design.

I like it that so many of the older houses are truly different. You have houses that are made of stone or brick interspersed with wooden ones. You see skylights, inviting porches, gazebos and decks. Obviously someone put a lot of work into fixing up some of the old houses, and they have a lot of character.

If I could afford to buy one of these, I would. Meanwhile, I can enjoy walking around and looking. There is something that exudes optimism and joy in all of those people taking those older properties and finding ways to repair them and add new life to them by remodeling and brightening them up. Brightening doesn't always mean bright colors of course. It just means clearing away the dead energies and broken parts and adding things that work and add beauty.

Perhaps it is the combination of fresh air and circulation of the blood that does it, but I always come back with fresh ideas when I go for a walk in the old neighborhoods. And this does not refer simply to ideas about remodeling the house, I mean ideas in general, about a lot of different subjects. I think the gardens, trees and old designs really have a powerful effect. There are so many wonderful fragrances to inhale, just walking by these gardens.

Maybe it is the spirits of all the people who have lived in those houses all those years prior that contributes to the flow of ideas that mingle with the energy and enthusiasm of the new people who appreciate the workmanship in the old houses and bring new energy in. Whatever it is about this combination of factors, I like the old renovated neighborhoods.

Inspiration is everywhere, if we just look open ourselves to seeing it, hearing, it, smelling it, experiencing it. It is as easy as going for a walk.

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