Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who Are Our Spirit Guides?

Who are our spirit guides? There are many possibilities. They can be gods or goddesses, ancestors, angels, fairies, totem animals or birds, friends or relatives who we knew in this lifetime and have already crossed over. Some people have saints that they relate to, and that is the same thing by another name. Spirit guide.

We all have our own ideas about these, but the one that is most interesting to me is the ancestors. I mean far back before the grandparents, aunts and uncles we can name, to farther back up the family tree. Those people whose names we do not know. One thing is for certain. We carry their blood and genetics. They learned how to survive in this world, discovering which plants were safe to eat, which plants were good medicine, learning how to be good hunters and providers of shelter. They worked hard to survive, whether they were farmers, tradesmen, midwives, weavers or warriors. They would like to see us survive because we are their offspring. That is why they help give us intuitive signs to make choices that facilitate our survival.

Other spirit guides we may have actively chosen. For example, after reading about various gods & goddesses, we may feel a kinship to one or another of them. Saints fall into the same category. Either we were named after them or we simply studied their lives and chose to relate to one because we can relate to the qualities and characteristics they represent. We may have studied a certain totem animal or bird because it is related to our family name or because we have seen it frequently and take that as an omen. Perhaps we have watched them and are fascinated by their ways. Believing in angels or fairies in a general way is one thing, but communicating with them until we discover their name is another. Family members or friends we had a close relationship with while they were on this plane are better known to us, and the connection continues.

We all have spirit guides. At certain times in our life, we may feel more connected to one than another of them, depending on the situations we find ourselves in. In certain phases of our life, we may feel more strongly about particular spirit guides. Then there are some who are always with us.

How good has their guidance been for you? The more we tune into the messages they have for us, the more they work with us. As always, we have the free will to listen or not listen, or change who we listen to. We choose.

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