Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Three Chakras?

Although the concept of seven chakras is known far and wide these days, some old traditions in Europe utilized a system of three energy centers, and those would have been located at the sexual area, heart and third eye.

This more compact and simple system considered that these were the three centers that generated the power through the entire system. The sexual energy center is earthy, grounding, the seat of creative power, and in Chinese arts such as tai chi and chi gong, would also be near the dan tien or as the Japanese would say, hara, which is also the place where a person's center of gravity and martial arts power would have their roots. Notice how easy it is to keep your balance from this power center. Humor and creativity are powerful ways to keep our balance in this world. Expression of our sexual energy is good for our body mind and spirit, rejuvenating to our senses, and contributor to our overall sense of well being.

The third eye relates to knowing in a visionary kind of way, the second sight, psychic abilities, the seers. This is the gateway opening to the spirit world, and how we know things that we would not have any other way of knowing. Learning to open the third eye helps us become readers and oracles, and it also helps us keep our perspective of our place in the larger world. When we can see the bigger picture, we know about karma and recognize significant developments.

The heart, again, is right in the middle, powering an individual with love, courage, compassion, cooperation, healing, forgiveness, kindness and charity. The heart center makes it possible to bring out the best in ourselves and others, and animates our being in the highest way. When we act toward others out of love, there is no higher sense of action. Courage, heart energy, means that we proceed even in the face of fear or doubt. The heart is our strength and our love.

A simple system can also work very powerfully, can't it?

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K said...

This is fantastic! Thank you for writing it. Just a question ... what European traditions (if you know) have the three centres in their belief system?