Sunday, September 7, 2008

Simple Pleasures

There is nothing like a walk in the woods to revive my spirits. Even a day after the fact, I feel like I have been on vacation, but fortunately the journey was not that far from home.

Vacations where you go far away for several days are refreshing too, but simply going out for a walk in the woods and then having a good dinner and a cold beer makes for quite a refreshing break. A change of scene without having to go through the airport, without having to make hotel reservations, without packing or unpacking.

I feel that it is necessary to take these kinds of breaks from the normal business routine and other responsibilities and concerns. After something as simple as a day without making phone calls, checking emails or doing anything other than simply relaxing by walking in nature, we can return to all those other tasks with a renewed vigor and refreshed attitude.

Do you have a favorite place in nature? When was the last time you went there?

Some of life's greatest pleasures are very simple. Enjoy them whenever you can.

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