Friday, September 12, 2008

Clearing & Energizing Yourself

Something that every person can do for themselves every day is to clear your own energy field, and then once you clear, begin broadcasting those signals to the universe again about what you want.

How do you clear? One easy way is to imagine the energy field surrounding your body. That energy field around your body is commonly referred to as your aura. Imagine that you are sweeping it clean with your hands, as if they were little brooms. Some people might feel better about doing this with a bit of incense or burning herbs, such as sage, myrrh, fankincense, copal, thyme, sweetgrass, mugwort, rosemary, lavender, basil or whatever scent appeals to you.

Another way to clear is to use a drum, rattle or bell to let those frequencies permeate the space around you. The vibrations of the plants or the sounds will enter into you as well as the space around you.

Once the clearing is done, you can set new energies into motion by focusing your thoughts on what you are grateful for having received and affirming what you would like to have happen in your life today. Reinforce these thoughts by it by giving voice to these thoughts and feelings and saying it out loud.

Finally, you can make some physical gestures to signify making your actions real in the world. This can be done with a tai chi movement, a yoga posture or a rune posture. Or if you prefer, choose some gesture that signifies your intentions. Whatever you do at each step of the way, put a lot of feeling into it.

This simple action of clearing and energizing can help keep you on track every day, centered in your intentions. The whole thing can be done silently while on a break from work too. Other people might simply see you as stretching and getting a breath of fresh air. Do it in the morning while your tea or coffee are brewing.

An easy thing to do, and it really does work. Try it.

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