Monday, September 8, 2008

The Right Place for Creation Myths

The Scopes trial should have settled the notion of teaching creationism in science classes long time ago. Why do we keep wasting time revisiting this issue?

This does not represent any major improvement in education. This is a religious belief. People are free to teach creationism in churches or religious schools, where abstinence-only sex education would also be appropriately taught.

All of the energy that is wasted on such discussions could be far better spent discussing what to do about the 47 million Americans who have no health care coverage.

It would be very interesting to hear students discuss the different creation stories from around the world within the context of a comparative religion or literature course. Imagine the lively creative discussions that could arise from comparing the Genesis story side by side with the creation myths of the Hindus, Aborigines, Norse, Navajos and others.

That would be the right place for creation myths. Science classes are for science.

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