Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Energy of Things

Just as we all have our own energy, the things that we use or wear everyday pick up some of our energy. Some people are very adept at reading this energy. This is called psychometry.

So, for example, our energy will be found at our desk at home, or on the kitchen utensils we most often use, the bed where we sleep, our favorite chair or sofa.

In other words, we leave our energy imprint on these things and these can be picked up by other people who are sensitive to these energies. Readers pick these up by feel rather than sight. It is amazing how accurate some of these readers can be simply by touching your necklace, watch or ring, for example.

The other thing this phenomenon teaches us is that our energy affects our surroundings. So if we change our energy, we change the energy all around us. And that relates back to the principles of feng shui which teaches that if we change our surroundings, we can change our own personal energy.

Look at those popular makeover TV shows. What is happening with them? When a person changes their appearance, their feelings change about themsleves, and the other people who see them in a new way pick up a different energy from them.

We can change our energy. If you feel a need to change your energy, take a look around to see what you would like to change.

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