Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gut Instinct & Psychic Vision

We have all heard the expression "gut instinct" but what does that really mean?

A simple way of recognizing it is this. When you have a choice to make, you usually get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that gives you a yes or no response. Go with the yes as much as possible. If you override and go with no, you will probably regret it.

So what is this feeling? I think it is your spirit guides giving you a clue. Your free will leaves the final choice up to you, but it is them giving you a little poke in the ribs with their elbow. They usually do not explain themselves, because they are just communicating to you in a simple sign language. You might discover reasons for the choice at some later time.

Another word for this is intuition. Many authors in recent years have used the words psychic and intuition interchangeably. I think that happened because some people are a little skittish about the word psychic, although everyone feels comfortable saying that they are just following their intuition.

Here's how I would distinguish the two. Intuition is felt in the gut because it is related to survival instincts and these were passed on to us by our ancestors.

Psychic is more related to the third eye and relates to visionary abilities and knowing things that you would have no way of knowing if you were not in contact with the spirit realm in some way. This applies to clairvoyance (seeing beyond the normal range), clairaudience (hearing voices)or clairsentience (touch, psychometry. These are all ways of extending our senses beyond their normal limitations and picking up information through the spirit realm, information that we would not have access to otherwise.

Generally, we have to work to sharpen our psychic capabilities, but everyone has gut instinct. Some people are born with pronounced psychic abilities and exhibit a facility with them all their life. Others may have shut theirs down because they felt it was not socially acceptable. And others simply need to reawaken it from a dormant state.

So intuitive and psychic are not two interchangeable words.

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