Friday, September 5, 2008

Pattern Recognition #1- Another Person's Shoes

There is always order, it is just that we do not always see it. When we look at events in our lives from different perspectives, the interpretations and how we feel about those events changes.

For example, one of the supervisors at my day job a couple of years ago was not playing the part of manager well at all. He sent out rude and demeaning memos that had a belligerent tone to them. I complained to other managers who ranked above him, and he got called in for a meeting with his bosses, and after that his language changed. I always thought he was kind of a jerk because of that.

Then one day recently, I met him working in a grocery store, and frankly I was shocked. Obviously I assumed that people a level up from me would be making better money and would not have to moonlight. I asked him why he was working there. He answered that his wife had been going through cancer and the medical bills caused them to lose their house. At that instant, my ability to relate to him changed. I offered him free Reiki sessions for his wife if they were interested. And he has been more friendly to me at work. I can see that his past actions were all about misplaced anger. I can empathize with him now. I could not before. It would have helped to have some pattern recognition then.

How many times would we have felt different if we had been able to see things from another perspective? How differently would we perceive other of our life experiences had we been able to recognize other patterns than the ones we were seeing then?

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