Monday, September 15, 2008

Working with Our Energy Centers

If we use the model of the energy body that has become most widely accepted, then we look at the seven energy centers, the chakras, in the body as being the way that we move energy in our life. Each of them relates to a particular aspect of life, and when we are feel particularly productive, we sense the energy really moving.

Briefly, the seven are the root (survival, work, family), sacral (sex, creativity, humor), solar plexus (will, self esteem, intuition), heart (love, compassion, cooperation, healing, forgiveness, kindness, charity), throat (communication, singing, expression), third eye (psychic ability, vision, connection to spirit), crown (connection to the universal energy. Their colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

When we feel blocked in an area of our life, such as our expression of creativity, or we feel our hampered in our ability to present ourselves strongly in an interview or public speaking, then if we were to sense it, we would feel a blocked chakra. Our ability to be compassionate or cooperative would indicate a different blocked chakra. Our lack of ability to perceive matters of a psychic nature indicate a blockage in another chakra area.

Solutions to these blockages are easy to find. Primarily, we would need to focus our attention on freeing up the energy center that relates to the area of life that needs opening. We can release the flow of that energy by meditative practices to open up that flow. The valve can be opened os that the flow can come through, much the same as we would turn the spigot on a faucet to let the water come through.

What would it take to do that? Traditionally, there are colors associated with each chakra as a key. Having a key like that makes it easier to place our attention on it, much the same way as having a target on a bull's eye.

Associating a sound, taste, scent, sensation or other signifier with it enhances our ability to work with that energy.

Of course, sometimes a person might deliberately shut down a chakra. Say, for example, a person who has just experienced the end of a love relationship, or the end of a phase of their career, might feel that it is the right time to shut down for the sake of protection. Then when they feel it is safe, they open it up again. People who have trouble adjusting may let this interval go for a long time, which hampers their ability to relate to others, and so they may need help opening it up again.

Typically, I have noticed that when a person has one of them shut down, others are also shut down, and when they are open, all of them are humming with energy. They are all related, and it is difficult to affect one without affecting the others.

Think of another example. When one part of your body is injured, that usually affects the way your entire body moves. When you feel in vibrant good health and move about freely, you can do all kinds of things with great agility.

The heart is the center of all of them. With three above and three below, the energy of the heart radiates out and affects all of them, which makes the heart the perfect place to begin any repair of the body's energy systems.

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