Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exploring Our Energy Body

Feel the energy pulsing through your body. Feel your body respond when you express a desire to move. Even if you are tired, your will to send energy through your body will sense the energy even before your muscles move.

Imagine yourself in another place. Feel your body respond. Turn your thoughts to a far away place or another time period. Feel the currents of energy carry you there. Yes, your body is still here, but your energy body has already made a journey, as rapidly as a thought. How can that be?

Our energy body is part of us, but it extends beyond the boundaries of our physical self. The aura is one manifestation of that. The energy field around our body is the extension of our energy body. It has no sense that it needs to be contained within the borders of the physical body. As our feelings change, so does our aura. It reflects the inner movements even when there is no visible outer movement.

Some people can see auras, and they interpret them by colors they see. Others, such as myself, sense or feel the aura rather than see it. This is part of what is happening when we meet a person and immediately get a sense of like or dislike for that person. Their aura is coming into contact with us.

It is also what is happening when we enter into a place and get a feeling that we either like or dislike the place. It is the energy field of that place that we either like or do not like. We find ourselves in contact through our energy centers with energies that either mix well or match our vibrations or do not.

Our energy body connects with others whom we wish to connect with in ways that encompass the physical plus touching in other ways that reach in more completely than the physical. These connections are strands of a fabric of light that is being woven with each interaction, and the weaving can be stimulated with intentional connections that are as simple as using our imaginations to picture the pathways that these weave.

Although invisible, our energy body gives us the capacity to be much more and do much more.

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