Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Simple Numbers

Simple numbers can be powerful tools. If you are using a playing card deck or one that consists of minors only, try these number definitions as a quick key to help you make sense of a reading.

Aces: New Beginnings
Twos: Knowledge
Threes: Creativity
Fours: Realization
Fives: Beliefs
Sixes: Choices
Sevens: The Path
Eights: Strength
Nines: Wisdom
Tens: Change

You might also think about the significance of simple numbers in our every day lives. Do you have a lucky number? Do you choose a particular number of apples or oranges when you buy produce? Do you try something a certain number of times? Think of all the ways that simple numbers factor into the things we do.

When looking at these definitions, how much easier does it make it for you to make sense of some of the cards?

Now, of course, different designers may have chosen to illustrate their decks in such a way that it will be hard to correlate some of these key words with some of the pictures. Be aware though, that this very same problem can occur in any deck. You think you have a good feel for the cards and then suddenly one throws you for a loop and you are at a loss for how to relate to it. That, of course, is all about the quest for the deck that suits you best.

There are many systems of numerology, some quite complicated, but I think the numbers from one to ten are of prime importance for very simple, root reasons. We have 10 fingers and 10 toes. When people who do not speak the same language come together to barter, signaling with digits is an effective way to bargain and reach agreement. Our hands, in every sense of the word, are the magic wands by which we get things done in the world, the way we meet other people (shaking hands or hugging) and our feet are the simplest, most primal way to get around and travel in this world.

I am very much a fan of doing things in a simple, direct way wherever possible. Try it. See if it works for you.

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