Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can Do Attitudes

There was a time when the spirit of the people of this country was typified by the phrase, "can do" and the attitude that it embodied.

People decided to do something and did it. We let desire motivate us rather than fear. I think that an erosion of this spirit is why so many people wallow in fear when the specter of a flu epidemic appears on the horizon. A can do attitude would assume that if we exercise our normal practice of hygiene and good health that we will survive this just fine. Fear mongers reared their ugly heads when 2000 was approaching, and they were proven wrong.

When or why did this attitude shift? Perhaps because our economy has tilted strangely and many of us have to reinvent our careers? Yes, this can be a very difficult and challenging task, and some people just may not feel like starting a new career at a later stage of their life.

There are still a great many people who do believe that we can take actions to improve our lives and make positive contributions to the world through our work, our charities or our hobbies and avocations. So why do the voices of fear seem to grab attention?

I do not know.

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